Kristoff St. John's Daughter And Ex-Wife Put All Blame On Hospital For Demise And Become The Voices Of Justice

Date February 7, 2019

So many people have left 2019, and the year has just started... 'Young & The Restless' star, Kristoff St. John, passed away from the possible alcohol overdose several days ago. 


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Ironically, 'The Restless' has readily turned into 'The Resting' as the TV star is no longer with us. John's demise follows the death of his 24-year-old son, Julian, who took his own life in 2014. 

All blame on the hospital 

The late soap opera's ex-wife, Mia St. John, made a shocking statement a few days ago. She blamed the medical facility, namely La Casa Mental Health hospital in Long Beach, for the death of her former husband and a son, who cut his short life off.


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A professional boxer, Mia, tweeted a controversial message but soon deleted. The tweet stated,

That hospital killed our son then my husband that's what happened! They killed my family.

In 2014, Kristoff and Mia sued the hospital for providing not high-quality care and allowing their son to use a plastic bag to suffocate himself. After such brother and father's demise, their daughter, Paris, is currently speaking against the hospital and converting to 'the voice for justice.'

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La Casa Mental Health hospital has many hidden cases about similar things, and thus, Mia and Paris are briskly doing all possible to sue them.

The heart couldn't keep the pain

As we've mentioned many times, Kristoff's son, Julian, tragically ended his life, losing the battle with lifelong mental health issues. His demise altered the actor to the core and allegedly led him to alcohol abuse. 

His son's suicide was 'just a breaking point for him in a lot of waysand St. John's couldn't keep it inside


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Rest in peace, Kristoff and Julian St. John. Let's keep them in our thoughts and prayers. 

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