Two Powerful Voices In One: Andrea Bocelli Teams Up With Christina Aguilera Singing 'Somos Novios'

Date February 4, 2019 14:11

No need for any word when it's about Andrea Bocelli. This charming, talented, and kind-heart man has already established himself as the 'golden voice of today' across the globe. However, not only the voice but also the golden heart. 




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We win the day when we bump into his videos of signing along with other celebs, whose voices are also incredibly powerful. And let's admit, such performances live your days up and make your souls tremble with every sound of these talented people. 

Mesmerizing voices 

Everybody wants to sing with this Italian perfection. Andre Bocelli is a music idol for dozens of people, including famous Hollywood artists. For instance, Christina Aguilera was a lucky woman to make a duet with Bocelli of a song Somos Novios.

The two looked lively and connected to each other. But not in a romantic way, if you might think so, but like two music talents on one stage. 

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We even don't know how a heart can bear such strong voices and incredible song in one shot. Both Aguilera and Bocelli are well-known for their power and uniqueness, which deserves global admiration. 

Hence, we find this performance is like fuel for the day. Once you listen, all your bad moments are behind. 

Another powerful stage performance 

Not only Christina Aguilera was a go-getter, but also stunning Jennifer Lopez caught a chance to bright her career up. She teamed up with Andres Bocelli singing Quizas, Quizas, Quizas altogether. 

Indeed, Andrea Bocelli is a person of light. He masterly performs, beams positive vibes, and treats everybody kindly and decently - aside from his unbelievable singing talent!

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