Ellen DeGeneres Presents An Incredible Gift For Her Wife, Portia, On Their 15th Anniversary

Date December 3, 2018

Ellen DeGeneres is known not only for her impeccable sense of humor but also love to her wife, Portia De Rossi. 


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Though Ellen and Portia have been together for 15 years, they are not planning to have any children and are happy with their choice. They both don't imagine themselves to be mothers and are quite satisfied with living only for each other. 


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The two women met each other in 2004 and waited four years to legalize their marriage at their house in Beverly Hills. 


A day ago, two women in love celebrated their 15 years of happy relationship. It's no question that TV host adores her partner and always gets emotional while talking about her and their marriage. 


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Ellen DeGeneres posted a video on her Instagram showing her incredible gift to Portia. We can notice that two ladies are spending a whale of a time on the beach, and suddenly the plane is flying with the number 15 and a heart near it. 


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The comedian host also wrote that she had hired the plane to fly by the house. But she didn't consider one detail - the size of the banner since it turned out to be so small. 

Notwithstanding, we are sure that Portia was delighted and thankful for such a sweet gesture!

Mutual thing 

Portia De Rossi is also into romantic gifts and oftentimes presents something extravagant and cute to her life partner. 


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On Valentine's Day, Portia presented a massive ice sculpture with the words “I love you” etched in the ice. It's a very creative and wonderful gesture! 


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We are so delighted for Ellen and Portia. They deserve to love and be loved, like everybody else! 

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