Like Sisters! Julia Roberts And Her "Number One Fangirl" Gwyneth Paltrow Look Like Twins


December 6, 2018 18:23 By Fabiosa

Julia Roberts feels bright and lively in her 50s. While the majority of females are terrified of aging, the Pretty Woman star takes age as just a number. 


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Roberts just doesn't see the point of freaking out because we all are going to 50 and more. Thus she motivates herself to be better in everything and doesn't pay much attention to her age. 


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The actress is definitely right. Why should we think 24/7 about the aging process if we can genuinely enjoy our lives to the fullest? 

Fan #1

A lot of people, including celebs, admire and appreciate Julia Roberts, her worldview, and ambitions in the acting career. 



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Recently, Gwyneth Paltrow posted a lovely photo with the Homecoming star saying that she had been her "number one fangirl" since the movie "Satisfaction" (1988). 


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It says that every human being has a twin somewhere, and they aren't related by blood. Fans went crazy when they saw the selfie of two stars looking alike. Even though Julia Roberts (51) is five years older than Gwyneth Paltrow (46), both women look gorgeous, young, and incredible. 


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Sadly, there is no much information on how close they are, but their fangirling makes everyone think that they are not only as colleagues but friends and sisters. 


Even way before the legendary selfie, people noticed that women look like sisters. They have the same shape of the face, big expressive eyes, hair, and even height (1.75 cm). 


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Sisters 👯


You look like sisters 🙌🏻💜


You look like sisters!!!


Twins! 👆🏼👭✅


Beautiful sister love ❤️❤️

Do you think they look like twin sisters? Because indeed, they have some similar facial traits!

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