Burt Reynolds' Ex-Wife, Loni Anderson, Shared Their Adopted Son Made Them Rekindle Friendship After A Painful Divorce

Date August 2, 2019 16:18

On August 6, 2018, the Hollywood icon Burt Reynolds died from a cardiac arrest at the age of 82. The funerals were a private event and up to 80 people were in attendance.

The award-winning actor's ex-wife Loni Anderson and their adopted son Quinton were heartbroken, devastated, and emotional during the process. Despite their divorce, Anderson got very sensitive delivering her farewell speech.

... Burt was a big part of my life for twelve years and Quinton's father for thirty years. We will miss him and his great laugh.

On June 2019, ten months after Burt Reynolds' demise, Loni Anderson opened up about their turbulent marriage and how they manage to forgive each other and cope with the divorces' aftermath.

The actress told Closer Weekly the following:

We were friends first and friends last. It’s time to move on.

Their five-year marriage seemed to be wonderful but fairytale ended when Reynolds accused his former spouse of adultery. The couple was making headlines on a daily basis back then.

However, Burt and Loni decided to put their hostile relationship aside for the sake of their son Quinton.

We have this wonderful child together. Having a son was a big event in our lives and so everything revolved around him.

This decision impacted their further life. They never come back to their marriage, but they managed to keep things peaceful and oftentimes gathered for family dinners — till Reynolds' death.

Months after mourning late Hollywood hunk, Loni Anderson showed off her age-defying beauty in a ravishing black dress on a date with a male companion in West Hollywood back in April.

Loni’s beauty only blooms with years as age has no power over this blonde bombshell!

Not only Burt Reynolds was a high-profile actor, but also a doting father and loyal friend.