Such Lookalikes! Barbra Streisand Shares Never-Before-Seen Photos Of Her Precious Half-Sister Roslyn

Date April 15, 2019

Family ties are exceptionally vital. Barbra Streisand barely misses chances to celebrate someone's birthday, pay sweet tribute or share a throwback photo. 

The A-list singer admittedly loves and cherish her younger half-sister Roslyn Kind. On her 67th birthday, Streisand shared a snap from their childhood alongside the heartfelt message. And oh boy, you can definitely claim they are close to each other both as sisters and BFFs. 


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Never-before-seen photos

A couple of days ago, there was National Sibling Day, so many brothers and sisters either reunited or shared adorable pictures as a tribute. 

Barbara Streisand posted a series of throwback photos of her sister Roslyn Kind. One can readily see their striking resemblance in almost all facial features. 


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Even though Streisand's stepfather Louis Kind constantly beat her and accordingly, they were on terrible terms, the high-profile personality managed to stay beside her step-sister. 


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Btw, Roslyn Kind is also a singer in the USA and released several music albums. Additionally, she began to play in the theater from a young age and thus, is actively involved in Broadway productions and filmed on television.


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It seems like Barbra Streisand and Roslyn Kind are pretty close to each other and try to save their bond at all accounts. 

Fans were truly happy to see both sisters in such good spirits

@lindame1us :

Very cute ❤️


Cute Babs!


They are so lucky to have you as their sister❤️❤️


Beautiful pics!😊💕


What a beautiful family ! ♥️

Well, it's really fantastic to be close to family members no matter what, and Barbra Streisand is an excellent example of it. Hopefully, they will continue lighting themselves up!