Friends Or Enemies? Bruce Willis' Young Wife Gets Candid About Her True Feelings Toward Demi Moore

Date April 19, 2019

The high-profile marriage between Demi Moore and Bruce Willis ended after 11 years. Even though the two had three daughters together, they decided to go on different paths and marry other people. 

Moore fell for Ashton Kutcher, while Willis was head over heels in love with Emma Heming. The two got hitched in 2009 and decided to renew their vows in honor of their 10th anniversary in 2019. Who could have imagined Bruce William would be such a smitten kitten?


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Heming & Moore

People usually expect feuds between current and ex-spouses, but it's not the case with Emma Heming, Demi Moore, and Bruce Willis. When Emma and Bruce renewed their vows, Demi was there, beaming in the family pictures. Heming affirms the two females welcome each other into families, and it was extremely important for them. 


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Moore attended both the first wedding of her former husband and the couple's 10th anniversary, being truly happy for them. Heming adds:

I loved having her there again. I wouldn’t do it without her.


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Bruce and Demi have managed to keep their co-parenting and respectful bond over the years, and Willis' current wife is proud of them.

I have so much respect for her [Demi]. I have so much respect for how Bruce and Demi worked through their divorce to be able to put their children first. 


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Well, isn't it amazing when exes are friends and they are even on good terms with current spouses? 

Demi and Bruce are pals

After the rocky marriage, the A-list Hollywood stars called it quits but remained friends. They support each other no matter what and put their 3 children in the first place. They definitely give an impression of friendly exes, and it's so cool!


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