Maria Menounos Had A Golf-Sized Brain Tumor Months After Her Mother Started Battling Stage 4 Brain Cancer

Date April 15, 2019 12:37

The Sirius XM host Maria Menounos' life is full of challenges and hardships. She ignored own deathly symptoms in order to devote all her energy and responsibilities to her beloved mother Litsa, who has stage IV brain cancer. 


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Menounos' dear parent has been battling cancer since 2016, specifically a rare, aggressive cancer known as glioblastoma. Recently, the former E! News host revealed that Litsa's cognitive function has declined from treatments.

Her own horrifying diagnosis

In 2017, Maria Menounos started having constant headaches and blurry vision. Instead of addressing these signs, the host thought it was solely work stress, but later, the dark came into her life. 


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When Maria went to do check-ups, she was readily told to have a golf ball-sized brain tumor 8 months after her mother Litsa began battling her glioblastoma.

And so we both had brain surgeries within a year of each other. Within the same year.


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The same year, the TV and Sirius XM radio host had her brain tumor removed before it got too big and complicated. 

I was getting headaches, my vision was going a little blurry, I started slurring my speech, which actually had nothing to do with my tumor. But I swear God made these things happen loudly so that I would see what was happening and I diagnosed myself.


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Now, Maria Menounos tries to raise awareness and asks everybody to address any suspicious and unknown signs as soon as possible. 

Amid complications, God granted her a great husband

On New Year Eve's 2017-2018, Maria Menounos tied the knot with her long-life boyfriend, Keven Undergaro. The bride was hosting Fox’s New Year’s Eve broadcast, and the wedding was a surprise not only to the large street crowd but also Menounos’ parents.

To everybody's surprise, every word and action was seen and recorded on live TV and it made their Big Day so unique and fascinating


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It is exceptionally important to express your love, gratitude, and care to parents while they are still alive. 

Hopefully, everything will be alright with Maria and her mother down the line. Destiny is destiny, but we have to fight with all our strength. 

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