"Your Exact Twin!": Donny Osmond Discovered His Son Chris Is His Exact Copy And Fans Wholeheartedly Agree


July 22, 2019 13:19 By Fabiosa

Donny and Debbie Osmond have been married for over 40 years, and they've managed to create a remarkable family in that time.

Former teen idol is a proud father of 5 kids and a doting grandpa to 10 grandchildren. We know, he has a big family on his hands, but Donny always lights up when he's surrounded by his offspring and makes sure to spend time with all of them.

With so many kids and grandkids, one of them were bound to greatly take after Donny, and looks like he finally found his mini-me.

Like father, like son

Osmond shared a photo of his son Chris on Instagram after they discovered they're impressive likeness. Apparently, Chris found Donny's 80s album cover and for a second thought it was his own picture (although Chris wasn't even born at the time). As Donny wrote:

While we were in my dressing room a few weeks ago, my son Chris found this 45. It was released back in the '80s before he was born, but when he saw it he thought it was him.😆 What do you think? #SeeingDouble#LikeFatherLikeSon

Many of Osmond's followers were amazed by the similarities between father and son.


Omgoodness he is his clone❤❤❤




Oh my goodness he is your exact twin !


Saw your son tonight sitting in front of us at your Vegas show. As soon as he turned around before the show started I said THAT is an Osmond. Check out those eyes! They are Donnie’s. Later found out I was right!!


He is you alright.

Interestingly, Chris is a voice actor, however, with his father's looks he might want to rethink hiding his handsome face.

We hope to see more of Chris Osmond soon!