Do You Know Sigourney Weaver's Real Name? The Famous Actress Revealed Intriguing Origins Of Her Pseudonym

Date September 28, 2018 20:10

Sigourney Weaver is the token of feminism in Hollywood. Having played many strong characters, including Ellen Ripley in the Alien franchise, she secured her spot as a badass actress, who can outshine even her brawniest male counterparts.


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Unlike many of her colleagues, Weaver was never the one to attract attention to herself outside of her career. This decision was partially due to Sigourney's mother, Elizabeth Inglis, also being a famous actress. Inglis appeared in two Alfred Hitchcock's movies, and was a well-known name around the industry. 


But Sigourney always wanted to make it on her own in Hollywood, so much so that she even changed her name.

Origin of Weaver's pseudonym

Sigourney was originally born Susan Alexandra Weaver, daughter of the famous actress Elizabeth Inglis and TV producer Sylvester L. Weaver Jr., but she wasn't too crazy about her first and middle names.


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As a little girl, Weaver dreamt of theatre and loved reading literature. Her pseudonym, Sigourney, actually came from F. Scott Fitzerald's classic novel The Great Gatsby. One of the characters was named Sigourney Howard, and the future famous actress loved the name so much, she decided to go by it in Hollywood.


Whether her name made any influence on the course of Weaver's career is unknown, but it's certainly memorable enough and suits the actress very well.

Mother didn't approve

Surprisingly, Sigourney's mother didn't want her daughter to follow in her footsteps and was openly against her becoming an actress.


Elizabeth was concerned that Sigourney was to susceptive to criticism and didn't want her to get hurt. But Weaver told The Guardian that despite frowning upon her career decision, Elizabeth was still there for her daughter:

Do any parents want their daughters to be actors? They were probably sceptical, but not unsupportive.


Luckily, Weaver made an astounding career in Hollywood, and will forever be remembered for one of the strongest characters in film history. 

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