Kate Middleton Used Stepping Stones To Show Her Deepest Love To Prince George At Her New Park

Date July 2, 2019 16:41

The Duchess of Cambridge considers children’s mental and physical development and well-being to be one of her main priorities. That is why, she decided to create the project called 'Back to Nature Garden', which was opened at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show.

Recently, the Palace shared new cute pictures of Kate Middleton and Prince William having fun in the garden with their kids. How happy and adorable they are!

Kate Middleton’s deepest love

The Duchess of Cambridge showed her deepest love to Prince George with one detail in her park.

Turned out, Kate Middleton decided to make a path of stepping stones in her play-and-learn space after Prince George expressed interest in it. What a caring mother she is!

The director of the Landscaping Consultants, Jake Catling, has already confirmed this fact.

We made the stepping stones because Prince George wanted them. The kids loved jumping across it, and it was down to Kate we got that in.

And it seems Prince George really liked Kate’s new park, as his adorable comment melted hearts of royal fans.

Prince William wanted to know his son’s opinion about mom’s project.

What would you give [this place] out of ten, George? With ten being the highest.

His answer was so sweet!


Kate Middleton is such a loving mother!