Kate Middleton Once Had An Emergency Surgery On Her Head, But Pretended It Wasn’t A Big Deal

Date June 27, 2019

It was recently reported that Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth share the same incurable sickness typical to most royals. Nevertheless, it is not life-threatening and there is no danger for their well-being.

Turned out, both ladies suffer from the motion sickness, which means they might not feel themselves fine while traveling in a carriage.

This fact was proved once again during the Trooping the Colour parade.

Kate Middleton’s emergency surgery

But it’s not the only disease of Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge has once experienced emergency surgery, but she acted like a real hero!

It happened when Kate Middleton was still a student at Marlborough, and all over the sudden found a lump on her head. After the medical check-up, doctors immediately removed it with emergency surgery.

She acted like it was not a big deal! As doctor Ann Patching told royal biographer Katie Nicholl:

Catherine had the operation during her term time. She was back at school very soon afterwards. As usual, nothing was too much of a big deal for her. You could never accuse Catherine of being a drama queen, but Carole was very worried, as any mother would be.

Recently, Kate Middleton revealed her childhood scar, the 3-inch-mark just beneath the hairline. According to some media, the Duchess of Cambridge got it after a surgery many years ago, but there is no other information available due to privacy reasons.

Turned out, Kate Middleton is a strong and brave woman, who acts like a hero no matter what!