Sarah Ferguson's Uncle Passed Away At The Age Of 10 Due To Allergic Reaction: “He Was On His Own”

Date July 2, 2019

Even though Sarah Ferguson always seems to look very optimistic, she had to experience some hard situations in life. For example, the Duchess of York has recently revealed that she found out about her father's death in a devastating way.

Ferguson’s dad passed away from the heart attack in 2003, when she was on a trip Down Under to promote a good deal with Weight Watchers. After being informed about the death, she had to continue fulfilling her royal duties and was on the meetings despite knowing the horrible truth about her father.

Horrible family member’s death

The Duchess of York has recently opened up about the horrible family member’s death after having an allergic reaction. She decided to share her story with other people after becoming the patron of the Natasha Allergy Research Foundation.

Sarah Ferguson said her uncle passed away from an allergic reaction to a sandwitch.

My uncle, age 10, died of a crab sandwich at Brancaster Beach and my father was never the same after that. And my grandmother never forgot John — he was called John

He was out on the beach with [his] nanny — he wasn’t even with my grandmother or father — he was on his own with [the] nanny and he died within minutes

Of course, it is hard to imagine what Sarah’s relatives went through. By the way, she always stayed close to her family. Recently, Ferguson shared some extremely rare photos of her late father in the emotional post on Father’s Day.

Sarah Ferguson is such a caring and inspiring person!