Nicole Kidman's Children Had An Unusual Reaction To Their Mom's Shocking Transformation In Her New Film, 'Destroyer'

Date September 17, 2018 16:45

Everyone is talking about Nicole Kidman's new film, Destroyer, in which she looks completely unrecognizable.


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Her daughters' strange reaction

But while fans were shocked by Nicole's transformation, her young daughters – Sunday, 10, and Faith, 7 – had a strange reaction to their mom's new look.


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While promoting the film, Kidman told ET that making Destroyer was very difficult and that sometimes, she had to work on at home. Her daughters found it curious watching their mom become haggard, and started calling her 'crazy'.

Breakup rumors and Nicole's adopted children

According to Kidman, they would say: 

What is she doing now? 'Our crazy mama'.

Does she mind being called 'crazy' by her children? The actress says, not at all. She loves introducing her children to her job. What she hates is the effect of her fame, as well as fame of her husband Keith Urban, on their young girls.


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Recently, Keith himself addressed rumors about their split, and said that it is hard to explain  to their daughters that the rumors are untrue and that they are just meant to sell newspapers.


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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban sure have a lot of explaining to do in their future. We can only imagine how the parents will explain Kidman's adopted children from her previous marriage to Tom Cruise, especially because she's not in contact with them anymore.

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