Barbara Walters' Only Daughter Has Battled Addiction For Years. But It's Not Her Biggest Regret!

Date November 13, 2018

The great Barbara Walters is regarded as one of the greatest journalists to ever walk this earth. But she famously kept her personal life private.


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3 husbands, many lovers, and daughter

In a hilarious 2011 interview with Piers Morgan on CNN, he tried to ask her about the men in her life and in the sweetest, and most emphatic way possible, she told him it was none of his business!

But in reality, she was married four times to 3 men. Her longest marriage was to Lee Guber whom she was married to for 13 years. The two adopted a daughter Jacqueline together. Her first marriage lasted only 11 months. And she married her final husband twice. They divorced in 1992.

Her biggest regret as a mom

While she continued to have a fulfilling and private emotional life, she told Piers Morgan that her one regret was not having more children.

She and only child Jacqueline have a close relationship but their mother-daughter bond has been marked for years by Jaqueline’s substance abuse and trouble with the authorities.


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At 13, she was already sneaking out of the house and had a wild child reputation. She battled alcohol, marijuana and methamphetamine addiction and ran away from home for 1 month. After an intervention, she dedicated her life to helping young women battle addiction, but in 2014, she was nabbed in Florida while driving under the influence.

Complicated relationship with her sister

Barbara has continued to stand by her daughter through it all. Sadly, Jacqueline is not the only family member the TV icon shares a complicated relationship with. Her older sister, Jackie, was born with autism and Barbara has opened up about being envious of the fact that her parents focused all their attention on Jackie in her memoir Audition.


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Her dysfunctional childhood and the fact that she did not have a normal life growing up reportedly pushed her to succeed. What a life she has lived!

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