Ben Affleck's Heartbreaking Alcohol Addiction: What Has Really Inspired The Actor To Become Sober Again?

Date September 19, 2018

Weeks ago, Jennifer Garner staged an intervention to get her ex-husband, Ben Affleck, to rehab while he struggled with addiction and alcoholism, and now, his family has spoken out about the whole sordid incident.

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He wants to be better for his kids

Casey Affleck, who's Ben's brother told Entertainment Tonight that alcoholism is a problem that has affected generations of men in their family. Their father had been an acute alcoholic and he, himself, had only recently become sober.

Ben is trying to put it together,

he said, acknowledging that the Justice League star finally agreed to go to rehab because he wanted to be better for his kids, their mom, Garner, and for himself.

His battle with alcoholism

This isn't the first time Ben Affleck has dealt publicly with alcoholism. In 2001 he went to rehab to deal with his drinking problems and after his marriage to Garner, in 2005, he was once again in the news for the same issue.


Casey spoke on the very public intervention that his brother had to deal with this time around and said, although it wasn't convenient to battle addiction in the spotlight, there was nothing for Ben to be ashamed of.


It is not clear how much this contributed to ruining the actor's relationship with Jennifer Garner, and she is yet to publicly address his relapse.


But, one thing is certain, she is ready to move on with her life having formally filed for divorce after holding out for more than a year and keeping fans hopeful for a reunion. Thoughts?

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