Prince Charles And Duchess Camilla Share A Rare Photo For Their 14th Anniversary, But Fans Still Miss Princess Diana

Date April 11, 2019 12:46

The love story between Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla has more twists and turns than a romantic Hollywood movie. 


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Cheers for the love!

The two who had met in their youth on the polo field went on to marry other people. They were reportedly introduced by Lucia Santa Cruz in 1970.

Their royal love endured countless tabloid scandals, disapproval of family members, and personal conflicts.


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Prince Charles ultimately tied the knot with Camilla Parker-Bowles on April 9, 2005, at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

14 happy years later

Their royal Highnesses, whose romance dates back to at least two decades before, are now celebrating 14 years of successful marriage.

The couple shared a beautiful black and white portrait of themselves to celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary.


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The beautiful never-before-seen picture was posted on their joint Instagram page to thank fans for their messages with the caption,

Thank you for your warm wishes on the occasion of The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall’s wedding anniversary.

Fans miss Princess Diana

Even after her death, fans of the late Princess of Wales still miss her very much. They don't approve of Prince Charles marriage to Duchess Camilla.


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Fans of late Princess Diana shared their thoughts on social media. Some say they don't respect Prince Charles marriage, while others defend Duchess Camilla.


I dont respect this union.It hurts.we grew up seeing Lady Diana who became a princess.


@atiyahaque2005Sweetie, be ready to get bullied from others because of your feelings. So sad that you can’t express yourself 🧐. We love Princess Diana and she was used for her ability to have children.


@atiyahaque2005 Diana wasn't perfect, you do her children no good saying this. She was flawed just like the rest of us. Camilla does good things, doesn't use a title that is hers by right, HRH Camilla Princess of Wales out of respect for Diana.


I miss princess DIANA 😭😭 i wish that she was in her place 😢😢😢

We wish the Prince and the Duchess a very happy wedding anniversary and lots of love!

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