How Adorable! Prince George And Princess Charlotte Have A Perfect Nickname For Little Brother Louis

Date May 10, 2019 17:24

Just like his siblings, Prince Louis has a cute nickname. How adorable is that?


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Special hobbies

Prince George and Princess Charlotte are not the only members of the royal family to have a passion for dancing. Their grandmother, Princess Diana, also enjoyed dancing and, although the little royals never met their grandmother, the two already seem to share her special hobby, and we're sure she would have been proud. 


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According to People, the Princess has been taking private lessons at a dance school in South London where she's been perfecting her pirouettes. Prince George also studies ballet at Thomas’s Battersea school.

Back in the 1980s, Princess Diana rehearsed and mastered a secret dance with the famous ballet choreographer Wayne Sleep. She then performed it at a private Christmas gala as a gift to her husband, Prince Charles. 

Prince Louis gets his own nickname

Thanks to his older siblings, baby brother Louis has quite a sweet nickname. According to Life & Style magazine, George and Charlotte call their baby brother 'Lou Lou'. 


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Speaking to the outlet, an insider says:

Louis has already developed his own little personality. He’s very chill and relaxed. But he’s also strong natured. When he doesn’t get his way, everyone knows about it!

While playing around with her kids at the Henry Fawcett Children’s, Kate Middleton gushed to some parents, saying:

Louis just wants to pull himself up all the time.

Which sibling is closer to Prince Louis?

Both Prince George and Princess Charlotte undeniably have different personalities. The first child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge loves making lots of turmoils while playing, whereas the second seems very quiet but 'feisty'.

As for which sibling would be closer to the last child of the family, astrology points out that Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will be fast friends because they share the same sun sign, Taurus. 


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Prince George's sign, which is Cancer, tends to be emotional, sensitive, but expressive and determined at the same time.

Charlotte and Louis will undoubtedly share their special bond as Taurus, but George’s devoted nature will make him popular with his siblings.


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A nickname like 'Lou Lou' is so sweet, don't you agree? It looks like Prince Louis is in great hands with his amazing brother and sister.