Is Wink Martindale Retiring? The TV Game Host Reveals His Plans And Secret To Staying Young

Date May 20, 2019

When you are passionate about your work, retiring at an old age may not be possible. Try asking TV game host Wink Martindale. With an incredible career, Wink has never retired from hosting game shows, and he's not planning to anytime soon.

Is Wink Martindale Retiring? The TV Game Host Reveals His Plans And Secret To Staying Young

Life and career

Born in Jackson, Tennessee, Wink is best known as the game show host for Gambit, Tic Tac Dough, High Rollers, and Debt.

He started his career as a disc jockey at WPLI in Jackson. After hosting shows for some time, the game host formed his own production company, Wink Martindale Enterprises.


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Wink started to develop and produce his own game shows. His first production Headline Chasers was canceled only after one season. He eventually became successful with another show he created.

In his career that has spanned 6 decades, Wink has appeared in several TV commercials and has made guest appearances in numerous shows.


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Wink has received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and was one of the first inductees into the American TV Game Show Hall of Fame. He became a member of the nominating committee of the Hit Parade Hall of Fame.

No retirement

Following a successful career, the popular TV game host is not planning on taking it slow. Speaking in an interview with Closer Weekly, Wink said: "Retirement is not in my vocabulary."


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When asked if he ever thought about retiring, the game host said: 

Why? I’m not tired!’ That’s the way I feel. I’m developing one now called Hit Me! that’s based off the game blackjack. And I have another one I’d love to host called Home Free, where you can actually win a home and have your mortgage paid off.

On the secret to staying young, Wink said it’s because he loves what he does.


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Wink has been married to his long-time partner, Sandy, for over two decades. This is his second marriage.

His first marriage was to Madelyn Leech, with whom he shares four children, seven grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.


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His wife ironically dated his friend, famous muiscian Elvis Presley, for almost a decade. The game host and Elvis remained friends for a long time after the musician’s interview.

Wink sure does have a lot of energy to produce and host more game shows. We wish the iconic game host more fruitful ventures.