TV Host Savannah Guthrie Gets Candid About Becoming A Mother After 40: "We Thought Maybe It Was Too Late"

Date May 24, 2019

Today show co-anchor Savannah Guthrie has always dreamed of being a mother. With her successful career, she was lucky to become a mother of two children after the age of 40.


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Dream of motherhood

From a young age, it’s the dream of most girls to have their own bundle of joy. TV host Savannah is among those with such dreams: she always wanted to be a mom.


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When she and her husband, Michael Feldman, welcomed their first child, the parents couldn’t be any happier. The couple never hid the pregnancy, and all their fans got to follow their journey of becoming parents on TV.

Savannah says the best thing she can do for her kids is to be the best person. And that’s her biggest priority right now.

Becoming a mother after 40

Speaking to PEOPLE, Savannah opened up on becoming a mother after the age of 40:


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It took us so long to get married — we dated for so long — that we thought maybe it was too late and we’d lost our chance.

Anchor and her husband Michael Feldman have two children – daughter Vale and son Charley.


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The mother of two explains that becoming a mom a little later in life has its own perks. She says:

I definitely have a good head on my shoulders, I am able to prioritize, and I think there’s a luxury to feel calm enough and not to feel the same pressures as in your 20s and 30s, when you are really trying to make your career happen.

Savannah adds that she can really take her time to enjoy her children.


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When popular American broadcast journalist Hoda Kotb adopted another child, Savannah was among the first to visit the new baby girl, Hope Catherine Kotb.

She and Jenna Bush Hager couldn’t hide their excitement when they visited the tiny baby for the first time, and it was so adorable.


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The TV host confessed she always wanted to get married and have 2 children. And so far, Savannah seems to be on the right track.