Remembering Judy Garland: The Legend's Daughter Comments On Her Mother's Dark Side Two Decades After Her Death

Date May 17, 2019

Actress Judy Garland will always be remembered for her vocal abilities and acting talent. Instead of exploring her pure talents, she ended up being a victim of the dark side of Hollywood after she was thrust into the spotlight at a very young age.


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Child star

American actress, Judy Garland well known for her role as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. Though she was an unwanted child initially, her mother, Ethel was determined that her daughter would be famous.

Judy was signed up for many gigs and even a few appearances at popular nightclubs. Ethel was not disturbed with the fact that some of the locations were not suitable for children.


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At a very young age, she took part in her first ever theatrical performance in Grand Rapids. This launched Judy into a lifetime love and passion for singing. It also turned out to be her safe haven from all the other troubles in life.

Remembering Judy

Lorna Luft recalls her famous mother was such a great person before she accidentally overdosed from sleeping pills over two decades ago.


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Speaking in an interview with Closer Weekly, Lorna said she doesn’t want her mother to be remembered for the negative parts in her life, adding that she was a very positive person. She said:

My mother knew how much she was loved. She was incredibly giving and when she loved, she loved hard.


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Lorna talking about her mother’s drug problem which took a toll on her family blamed the studio doctors.

At a young age, Judy’s studio doctors prescribed her stimulants to give her strength and cut appetite. She was also given sedatives to help her rest as she found it difficult to sleep.


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Though the medicine helped Judy deal with fame, she ended up developing a problem with drugs.

Incredible duet

Judy’s iconic duet with Barbra Streisand, still gives fans goosebumps. Both women are incredibly talented actresses and singers with successful careers spanning decades.

Barbra who made a guest appearance on The Judy Garland Show joined the late actress on stage to perform an ageless hit Happy Days Are Here Again (Get Happy).

That performance was incredible. Judy and Barbra were both so young when they preformed together to an excited audience.

Judy Garland was a sweet, pure talent an epitome of a child star who experienced the dark side of the Hollywood entertainment industry.