Meghan Markle Public Pregnancy Probably Might Put A Lot Of Pressure For Other Pregnant Women. How Can The Royals Change It?

Date April 12, 2019 16:29

In 2018, popular Vogue publication revealed the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle was one of the most elegantly dressed women of the year. Meghan, who has been criticized for wardrobe choices in the past, is now a source of inspiration for other women.


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Though she doesn’t wear bright colors too often, the former actress chose shades complementing the tone of her skin.

Megnan's wardrobe choices do not seem to go well with the public. She has also been criticized for neglecting to put on tights.


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Despite all of these criticisms, Meghan carefully creates monochrome styles combing the clothes and accessories smoothly, as well as the right colors and shades.

How royals can change it?

Many have been asking if the 37-year-old would follow royal tradition and present her new-born baby to public hours after giving birth?


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In an opinion from USA Today by Sarah MacCarthy, Meghan and Prince Harry can help with the unrealistic expectations from a woman who just gave birth.

A glamorous image of a woman post-childbirth is likely to contribute to the isolation many females experience after giving birth. 

The Duchess of Sussex has taken a vocal stance on several reproductive health issues long before meeting and marrying Prince Harry.


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This had led to some royal observers believing that Megan may break royal tradition and avoid the spotlight after giving birth. 

For a public health researcher, this could shed more light on the many postpartum challenges faced by women.

Perhaps, Prince Harry can revise the tradition instead of casting it aside. He could introduce the newest member of the royal family by posing on his own. The message about challenges of childbirth would be there for all to see although the new mother would be missing from the picture.


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Is Meghan setting the bar too high?

In March, Vanessa Feltz, a popular commentator accused the Duchess of Sussex of “setting the bar too high” for other pregnant women.

She accused Meghan of showing off “unattainable” life as a pregnant woman. Vanessa, who has a pregnant daughter, stresses that it’s hard for her to realize that glowing Meghan sets too high expectations for all women carrying a child.


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The Duchess deserves admiration for handling such a busy schedule in her condition so well 

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