‘Veep’ Star Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Son Is All Grown Up And Following In His Mother's Footsteps

Date April 19, 2019

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, well-known for her role in Veep, began her career in comedy in the early 80s. She joined the improvisation theatre group Second City.


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Over the years, she has starred in movies, TV series, and has even picked up voice acting as well. She has also worked alongside her husband in a few film projects.

Fighting cancer

The actress has been a part of Veep TV show since its first season in 2011. The show so far has earned her several Emmy Awards.


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The Veep star got married to her husband, Brad Hall, on June 25, 1987. Julia said that she met her husband in an audition back in their student years at Northwestern University, Illinois. The couple have two sons, Henry and Charlie. 

Julia shocked her fans awhile back when she revealed that she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had completed two rounds of chemotherapy. The actress has also been appreciative of the support she received from family, friends, and colleagues in the entertainment industry following her announcement.


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Like mother like son

It appears that Julia’s youngest son, Charlie Hall, might just be following in his mother’s footsteps. During her visit to Late Night With Seth Meyers, she took her son along. Julia couldn’t help but talk about how well her son did during his brief appearance on the new season of Veep.


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She explained her son’s part in the show to the host: 

There was this role of an inappropriately young boyfriend to a record executive who’s in his 50s, and Dave said, ‘Hey, maybe Charlie can play that part.’ And I said, ‘Sure, I’ll ask him.

Although she was excited for Charlie to try out acting, the actress couldn’t help but admit that she was concerned about how it could go. However, the basketball star thought his appearance was a terrific idea.


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Her other son is a singer

Meanwhile, Julia’s second son Henry is a musician and guitarist. He belongs to a band called Grand Cousin. Henry began playing guitar and writing songs at age 10. He is, however, not well-known to most people.


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The actress couldn’t have been more proud of her handsome sons.