Royal Bombshell! Sarah Ferguson Reveals The Real Reason Why She Decided To Divorce Prince Andrew

Date June 5, 2019 13:45

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew’s romance ended years ago. The couple divorced back in 1996, which was a very difficult decision for Fergie.


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The Duchess once even admitted she had completely “destroyed herself” when she put a final dot at the end of their love story.


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However, the two managed to transition from husband and wife to close friends relatively easy, constantly sparking rumors about their reunion. But why did they have to split if they obviously still care for each other?

The real reason behind their divorce

In a newly-discovered interview, Sarah Ferguson shares the real reason why she divorced Prince Andrew and it has nothing to do with their feelings towards each other.


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During the interview, the BBC presenter Michael Parkinson asked Fergie why she split with her royal husband, to which she answered:

Because, I suppose, I ran up a lot of debts and I needed to get out to work. You can’t be a member of the Royal Family and work in this country.


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We didn’t expect that answer at all! Mr. Parkinson then continued with the direct question:

Is that why you got divorced?

The Duchess visibly hesitated before she finally replied:

Well, now. I think also that Andrew and I had our differences.


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It’s not a secret that Fergie was on the verge of bankruptcy at one point in her life. However, she managed to get back on her feet. Now the Duchess’ net worth is believed to be around $1 million.


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That makes us hope that maybe one day Sarah and Andrew will announce that they are back together. Maybe they already are, but just hiding it.