Shocking Allegation: Robert Wagner Kicked Natalie Wood’s Mother Out Of Home After Actress’ Death

Date September 20, 2018

Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner’s love story is not something you’d see in a Disney film, but it could certainly be made into a thriller, filled with mysteries and unanswered questions.

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Wood’s unexpected and tragic passing created a lot of controversy, with some people claiming that her beloved Wagner is the one to blame. Recently, Natalie’s sister, Lana, gave some so-called clarity throwing shocking allegations at her brother-in-law.

What did she say?

In an exclusive interview for the new podcast dedicated to Natalie, titled Fatal Voyage: The Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood, Lana finally opened up about Wagner’s crazy behavior following the Hollywood star’s death.

The 72-year-old claimed that Robert not only cut her out of his life, but also appeared to take disgraceful actions towards his former mother-in-law. Lana stated that Wagner threw his dead wife’s mother out of her home.

R.J. threw her out of the [home] that Natalie had given her because he wanted it for [his daughter] Katie, and he said she didn’t need that big of a place.


Katie Wagner is Robert’s daughter from his second marriage to Marion Marshall. But the actor didn’t stop there. He also forced a grieving parent to earn her living by answering his fan emails.

My mom was given a monthly salary of $2,000 to answer R.J.’s fan mail, so she used to sit with all these photos and write R.J.’s name, do the envelope.

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The audio documentary, which had been developing for years out of investigative reporting, shares new facts about Natalie Wood’s death. The actress mysteriously disappeared from her and Wagner’s yacht in 1981, during a cruise to Catalina with actor friend Christopher Walken. Later, she was found in the water, off the coast.

All people on-board, including Walken, gave conflicting evidence, but the investigators considered the death as an accident. However, cops recently re-opened the case – and officially named Robert a suspect.

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