How 90-Year-Old Oscar Winner Estelle Parsons Defies Age And Keeps Her Body In A Good Shape

Date September 28, 2018

Exercising is one of the best things you can do for your health. Many researchers emphasize the value of exercise for older people, concluding that if you can move a muscle, you absolutely should. It is beneficial for a longer and better life.

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To prove this theory, let’s take a look at seniors who work out even when they are in their 90. Actress Estelle Parsons surprises with her great physique. She walks with a spring in her step and can run faster than many youngsters. Recently, she shared what helps her to stay in shape, and it’s pretty easy to do!

Never stop moving

Estelle Parsons started her career as a singer before she decided to become an actress. After establishing herself as a Broadway star during the 60's, Parson moved to films.


Since then she has been a non-stop presence on screen, as well as on stage, for around 60 years. 5 Tony Award nominations, 1 Oscar, and a spot in the American Theater Hall of Fame is not even the full list of Estelle’s achievements. The age-defying icon always on demand but what is her secret?


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During the tour of her New York home, Parsons shared her weekly exercise routine. As it turns out, the 90-year-old takes working out very seriously as she has a trainer once a week. Moreover, the actress has been running since she was 40. But that’s not all she does.

I swim once or twice, 30 minutes, and I do the bike every day, half hour. And once or twice a week, I do a Pilates class.


We applaud her incredible dedication!

Bev is back

A healthy lifestyle helps Estelle to work. Not long ago, the actress returned to a hit show Roseanne, in which she portrays the main character’s mother, Beverly Harris.

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The beloved star provided all the needed comic relief to a drama-filled episode and we loved to see her back on the screen.

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