Kate Middleton Gave The Best Response To Little Girl Who Asked Why Photographers Were 'Picturing' Her

Date March 12, 2019

The Duchess of Cambridge is a very wise woman and people like how she perform her royal duties! Let's remember one heartwarming moment. Duchess Kate love children and can give them many valuable lessons. Once she visited St. Stephen’s School in London to spend time with kids and learn how outdoor activities benefit children.

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Kate sported a beautiful haircut and a stylish outfit, which featured her favorite boots that she has been wearing for 14 years. While many children were captivated by the Duchess’ presence, one little girl appeared to be more concerned about the photographers who were following Kate and taking snaps of her every second. The girl was really surprised. 

Kate Middleton Gave The Best Response To Little Girl Who Asked Why Photographers Were 'Picturing' HerGetty Images / Ideal Image

The little one plucked up all of her courage and ask the mom-of-three:

Why are they picturing you?

And can you imagine what Kate did? The royal had the best response ever:

They’re picturing you cause you’re special!

Aww, isn’t it the sweetest thing you’ve heard this week? The adorable encounter was caught on camera.

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The Duchess had many more cute moments with the kids during her royal engagement. As a mom to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, Kate knows how to charm children. Her youngest son Prince Louis of Cambridge was born on April 23, 2018.

Moreover, she seemed to enjoy spending time with them, too

Kate has a reputation of being a great mom and she proves that she cares about the younger generation over and over again. She definitely knows how to deal with the children of all ages and what she does is a great example for all of us. Kate Middleton is amazing, isn't she? What do you think? 

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