Princess Eugenie’s Wedding Invites Have Been Officially Sent And The Design Is Different To Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Ones

Date September 17, 2018

The second royal wedding of the year is around the corner and we can’t be more excited to be a tiny part of it. With more details being released from now and then, the curiosity levels are high as to what to expect from the Queen’s granddaughter and her London’s socialite fiancé.


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However, we can’t help but compare the upcoming wedding with the one that stole many hearts all over the world – the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding. Rumor has it, Prince Andrew’s daughter has invited up to 850 people. It’s a big number comparing to Meghan and Harry’s modest 600.


But the differences lie not only in the guests’ number but also in the invitations.

How do they differ?

Vanity Fair was the first publication that shared photos of Princess Eugenie’s wedding invites (which can be seen here). The design of them gives a bold statement that the two royal nuptials will have very different styles.


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Meghan and Harry’s invites featured the delicate writing and the Three-Feathered Badge of the Prince of Wales, painted in gold.

Eugenie and Jack’s invites, while still have the same whiff of elegance about them, are very simple. They also include Prince Andrew’s badge in blue. And this is what makes the invitations stand out as Prince Harry and Meghan, as well as Prince William and Kate, had golden badges on their invitations.

According to Vanity Fair, the badge is not a simple decoration. Apparently, it represents who paid for the wedding. While it comes as no surprise that the father of the bride paid for his daughter’s nuptials, it seems that the most exciting person about the upcoming event is Princess Eugenie’s mother, Duchess of York as she keeps gashing about the lovebirds.


What can we say more, the Duchess is a doting mother and if she wants to shout from the rooftop how happy she is for her daughter, she has a right to do so.

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