“I Just Passed Out”: Lake Bell Shares Life-Threatening Experience Of Home Birth When Umbilical Cord Wrapped Around Her Baby's Neck

Date August 2, 2019 14:27

Actress Lake Bell met her husband, a tattoo artist Scott Campbell, in 2011 on the set of How to Make It in America’s second season.

The pair had an instant connection and their relationship blossomed into a true romance. They got engaged in 2012 on the actress’ birthday and married a year later.

Lake and Scott are raising 2 children together, daughter Nova and son Ozgood. Both times Bell opted for home birth. However, it could have turned into the worst decision in her life.

Life-threatening situation

Lake Bell shared a story of her terrifying second home birth on one of the Bless This Mess’ episodes. The actress welcomed her son in 2017 but his birth could have turned into a complete disaster.

The actress revealed that everything happened in her and husband’s L.A. home. The baby boy had the cord wrapped around his neck and he couldn’t breathe.

Lake shared her ‘life and death’ story:

Your child is there and the entire room is trying to resuscitate him and they can’t. The paramedics are on their way, he’s still there.

When paramedics finally arrived and cut the cord, the midwife told Bell she had to be induced to release her placenta.

The star remembers:

I was like, ‘He’s alive,’ and then I just passed out.

Ozgood’s life was in danger as the doctors said he was without oxygen for longer than he should which could lead to him having cerebral palsy or never be able to walk or talk. Likely, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles saved the boy’s life.

Hilary Duff can definitely understand what Lake has gone through

Last year, actress Hilary Duff also had an experience with home birth. The Younger star made quite a bold decision when she shared a private video of her home water-birth.

The actress is seen cradling her newly-born baby girl. We applaud Hilary’s strengths and bravery!