Incredible Alikeness! Donny Osmond's Son Don Just Turned 40 And He Is The Spitting Image Of His Famous Dad

Date August 6, 2019 00:12

Donny Osmond and his four brothers rose to stardom in the early 70s as a band the Osmonds. Later, Donny decided that it’s time for him to follow his own path.

Osmond became a teen idol of his generation but his grandkids know him as the best grandpa ever. He has not 1, not 2, but 10 grandchildren in total. The star loves spending time with them and once noted that he feels blessed to have such wonderful grandkids.

The kids definitely bear some of Donny’s genes, yet his son Don is his almost exact copy!

Father’s spitting image

Don Osmond Jr. has just turned 40 and the older he gets, the more he looks like his famous father. This Osmond stands out from his entire family as he hasn’t followed his father’s career path.

Instead, Don decided he will be better off in entertainment marketing. His dad even became one of his clients once.

However, despite not tasting the fame in his own life, Osmond Jr. knows its devastating effect. Growing up, Don saw how the press would write nasty things about his father and it made him think about ways to change that.

Don commented in one of his recent interviews:

I was sick and tired of the media. I just had a lot of bad experiences. It ate at me. So I decided I'd go into PR and become the spin doctor of all spin doctors.

And he definitely succeeded in his goal. Nonetheless, Don is not the only one of Osmond’s sons who won the genes lottery.

Chris Osmond looks so much like his famous father that even fans noticed the incredible similarities.

But who do you think looks more like Donny – Chris or Don?