Tragic Story Of How Paul McCartney Got His Heart Broken: He Lost Two Beloved Women To Breast Cancer

Date September 19, 2018

Paul McCartney seems to have it all, ranging from a successful career to a beautiful wife. But not everyone knows that the Beatles’ bassist went through heartbreak when he lost two of his beloved women to cancer.

The first tragedy struck when Paul was just a teenager

His mom, Mary Patricia McCartney, had been suffering from breast cancer, and she passed away of an embolism. The death of his mother was a big shock for McCartney who learned from the early years how to carry on:

I didn’t know then why she had died.

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In 1967, the former Beatle, who was already one of the biggest stars, met his future wife Linda, a photographer from America. Their relationship blossomed, and the two tied the knot in 1969.

Linda and Paul have spent nearly three happy decades together and welcomed three children. As Paul recalled, his wife always helped him cope with his success and live a normal life.

But after 30 years of marriage, their fairytale ended

In 1998, the photographer died of cancer at the age of 56. Until her very last moments, she didn’t know she was dying because McCartney didn’t want her to know:

I talked it over with the doctor and he said, 'I don't think she would want to know. She is such a strong, forward-thinking lady and such a positive girl that I don't think it would do any good'.


Even though Linda’s death was shocking, Paul managed to move on. In 2002, he married a former model Heather Mills, with whom he spent 6 years together. The two then divorced, accusing each other of physical abuse and immoral behavior.

In 2011, the star married Nancy Shevell. We hope he is happy in his relationship now!

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