7-Year-Old Girl Wows The Crowd When She Joins Celine Dion On The Stage To Perform ‘I Surrender’ With Her Idol

Date March 21, 2019

A 7-year-old girl took everyone’s breath away as she got a chance to share the stage with her music idol, Celine Dion. Some fans said the little girl even outshined the iconic singer.


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Making a dream come true

Celine Dion is making her fans’ cherished dreams come true.

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During her concert in the Caesars Palace in Los Angeles, Celine proposed a little girl named Anjali Singh to sing with her before the crowd. The 7-year-old kid didn’t hesitate a second, she got on the stage, while Celine handed her a microphone.


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Little Anjali performed a part of Celine’s song ‘I Surrender’.  When she finished singing, the impressed star gave the kid a hug and a kiss, while the crowd was just mesmerized by the young talent.

Then, Dion asked Anjali for the autograph in front of the delighted crowd.

It appeared that Anjali was a huge fan of the singer. Later, her mother Anitha commented on her daughter’s triumphant performance.

This was not pre-planned at all.

She added:

We just want to say thank you to Celine Dion for making a 7-year-old’s dream come true. Anjali’s just really thankful.


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Fans loved the girl’s performance


Absolutely amazing!


Omg this is so amazing! I’m so proud of you !!!!❤️❤️❤


 You were fabulous a star is born


Great Job! Beautiful voice And May God continue to Bless you! Keep following your dreams. and remember to listen to mommy! ❤️

Celine Dion, indeed, makes fans’ dreams come true. Awesome performance!

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