How David Copperfield Found A New Love After A Heartbreaking Split From Claudia Shiffer 20 Years Ago

Date January 8, 2019

When David Copperfield and Claudia Shiffer called it quits after being engaged for 6 years, fans around the world couldn’t believe this beautiful couple was no longer together. Today, David has found a new love and is reportedly very happy with his girlfriend. Who is this mysterious woman that could heal Copperfield’s heart after a painful split?


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Does love last 6 years?

The world-famous magician David Copperfield and gorgeous supermodel Claudia Shiffer were one of the most discussed couples of the 90s. They were both young, attractive, extremely talented and full of energy.

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Their romance resembled a fairy tale. Shiffer even starred in a documentary film about Copperfield. She also participated in some of his shows as a special guest assistant.

David and Claudia were engaged for 6 years. Unfortunately, they never exchanged wedding vows. The stars announced their split in 1999, explaining their work schedules were too busy to start a family.


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New life, new love

After his separation from Shiffer, David Copperfield focused on his work. The famous illusionist traveled worldwide with his greatest performances. But as we all know, love comes from nowhere when you least expect it.

David met French model and shoe designer Chloe Gosselin. Despite their 28-year age gap, David and Chloe immediately felt chemistry between them. Several times, the couple was spotted in public together.


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After keeping their relationship a secret, David and Chloe made a bombshell announcement in 2014: They were engaged.  However, the lovebirds haven’t tied the knot yet. David and Chloe have a daughter, Sky, together.

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The secret to a happy relationship

When asked whether David’s busy schedule is an obstacle to their relationship, Chloe explained:

During the day, when David is at home, we have time to share ideas on whatever we do separately in our jobs. The back and forth is very much a part of our lives. We don’t sit down and say, ‘Let’s talk about work.’ It’s part of the way we live.


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Who knows, maybe the couple’s fans will hear wedding bells soon? Meanwhile, we hope David and Chloe's love stays strong for many years to come.

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