Alec Baldwin Shared A Cute Christmas Photo With His Two ‘Mini-Me’ Sons. The Fans’ Reaction Was Priceless

Date December 25, 2018

Despite his status of a movie star, for Alec Baldwin, his family always comes first. Recently, Alec shared a cute photo with his two grown-up sons. The fans’ reaction was priceless.


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Three lions

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin have their home full of kids as the couple welcomed their fourth baby in May. And agree, nothing can keep your Christmas spirit up better as children.

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As a famous and successful actor, Baldwin could easily entrust his kids to a nanny, but that’s not for him. Alec is a very doting dad when it comes to his little ones. The star obviously enjoys spending time with kids, and it looks like they never get bored.


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On Christmas Eve, Baldwin posted a hilarious photo with his two sons on a walk. The proud dad jokingly captioned the sweet shot:

Three lions…


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Social media users reacted immediately. Alec’s Instagram was literally flooded with heart-melting comments and warm wishes to the family.

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Fans loved the cute shot

Keepcalmandkeepon You look so young there laughing with your sons!

angelariverac Happy Holidays! 😘 Many blessings @alecbaldwininsta 💟🙌

i_liv_2inspire Oh my gosh this is so adorable

cynthialundie Now that’s the way to raise boys.... you should write a book ... “Raising Boys” ... or, “The Baldwin Boys” which is even better because you’ve got two sets of Baldwin boys and you could make comparisons to the way you were raised and your life growing up with three brothers and now raising your three sons. 👍🏻... MERRY CHRISTMAS!🎄🎁


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In one of her interviews, Alec’s wife, Hilaria Baldwin, called the actor 'an old-school dad'. Hilaria explained:

Alec’s a little bit more old school, a ‘You’re the mom, you take care of the kids, and then I will come and go and I will read a book with them every once in a while’ kind of thing.


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Three lions made our day. Merry Christmas and best wishes to the Baldwin family!

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