Roseanne Barr Revealed The Reason Why She Gave Up Her Daughter For Adoption And How They Reunited After 17 Years Apart

Date September 26, 2018 13:47

Roseanne Barr received a worldwide popularity after her iconic role in the long-lasting sitcom Roseanne. Though fans know a lot about her onscreen character, some details of Barr’s personal life remain a mystery.


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Behind the scenes

Roseanne Barr was married 3 times. The actress is a proud mother of 5 children. From her early years, Barr had to fight for her ‘place under the sun.’

Roseanne was abused by her father.  Her mother also used to beat Rosie and her sister when the two were teenagers.

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Barr doesn’t like to recall her childhood. The actress just said her heartbreaking experience helped her become stronger and reach that high point in her career.


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Mother-daughter reunion

Barr is not fond of talking about her young years for one more reason. When the star was just 17, she gave birth to her first daughter Brandi. At that time, Barr was not ready for having kids and she decided to give Brandi for adoption.

Years later, when Roseanne became a popular star, the mass media found out about the adoption and threatened to bring the whole story to the public. Barr didn’t want to wait until her ‘dirty laundry’ will be revealed. She hired a private detective who found her daughter.

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After 17 years, the mother and daughter finally met. Roseanne recalled that emotional moment:

We looked at each other, and we started running toward each other. We embraced and wouldn’t let go of each other, hugging and crying. I’m so glad I found her.

Later, Barr asked her daughter to work as an assistant producer of her show.


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It’s always nice to hear about such stories with a happy ending. We are so glad that Brandi forgave her mother and they finally reunited after almost 17 years apart. Nothing is as important as a family bond.

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