“Completely Inappropriate:” Donald Trump Proved His ‘Exceptional’ Sense Of Humor While Talking To The Victims Of Hurricane Florence

Date September 21, 2018 11:23

While people across the country find it hard to deal with the sad circumstances of the Hurricane Florence, Donald Trump makes his best to help survivors look on the bright side. The President even makes jokes about it.


Trump proved his exceptional sense of humor again

Hurricane Florence already took the lives of 37 people and resulted in a huge damage in the area. Citizens across the country joined their forces to help the victims of the storm.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump came with an official visit to New Bern to evaluate the damage caused by the hurricane. During his trip, the President talked to the local citizens.

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While talking to an old man whose house had been damaged, Trump noticed a boat nearby. He asked the man whether it was his boat. When he got a positive response, Donald said with a smile:

At least you got a nice boat out of the deal.

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People’s reaction

Some people on social media didn’t appreciate Trump’s sense of humor. Here are some of the comments:

Sometimes, Donald Trump’s jokes are indeed a bit inappropriate. But at least, he tries to stay in good spirits in the most difficult situations. Isn’t it what we’re looking for in the country leader?

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