Karl Lagerfeld’s Favorite Cat Choupette Is Reported To Inherit The Designer’s $195 Million Fortune

Date February 21, 2019 15:10

Karl Lagerfeld’s favorite cat Choupette might become the richest cat on the planet as she is reported to inherit his multi-million fortune.


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Karl Lagerfeld’s cat will inherit his fortune?

As it was reported earlier, the world-famous fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld, passed away on February 19 at the age of 85. The exact cause of his demise wasn’t revealed, however, according to multiple sources, Lagerfeld’s health saw a severe decline from pancreatic cancer.

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Karl didn’t have a family. The fashion mogul never got married after he lost the love of his life, Jacques De Bascher. Considering this fact, fans wonder - who will get Lagerfeld’s fortune after his demise?


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Though Lagerfeld didn’t have a family, he still never felt alone due to his favorite pet – a cat named Choupette.

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The designer adopted Choupette in 2011. Since that time, Karl and his pet became true BFFs. Lagerfeld even launched an Instagram account for his furry pal. Choupette is very popular on the social media platform and has over 190,000 followers. Can you imagine this?


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Some sources reported that it’s Choupette who will inherit Lagerfeld’s money after his passing. By the way, Karl’s fortune reportedly equals $195 million. Sound like pretty much, doesn’t it?

Karl and his furry friend

In one of his interviews, Lagerfeld commented on his special bond with his furry friend.

He said:

I never thought that I would fall in love like this with a cat.


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Well, it looks like Choupette has all chances to become the richest cat in the world if she will get all the money. We wonder how Choupette will spend it?

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