Prince Charles And Duchess Camilla’s ‘Secret Son’ Shares Deepest Memories From His Childhood With Royal Parents

Date April 12, 2019 15:47

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles’ ‘secret son’ speaks out again. The man decided to share the deepest memories from childhood with his ‘royal parents’.


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Charles and Camilla’s ‘secret son’ speaks out

There is a huge number of conspiracy theories regarding the members of the British royal family. However, some theories seem to be so plausible that fans start to believe in them.

According to Simon, Camilla Parker-Bowles was pregnant back in 1965 but kept this fact in a secret. He also believes it was the reason why she disappeared from the public eyes during that time.


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In a radio interview with Kyle and Jackie O, Simon revealed some new details about his biological parents. The man shared his deepest memories from childhood, and Charles with Camilla are there too.

Simon revealed:

It’s been hinted at throughout my childhood. I have distinct memories of being taken to different houses around Portsmouth and being dropped off at family member's homes that were never explained.

He continued:

My grandparents regularly took me down to the royal navy club in Portsmouth where we met a suspicious couple, the lady always had whiskers. I always wondered what was going on there.

What’s it all about?

Simon commented on his intentions when he decided to come out as Charles and Camilla’s ‘secret son’. He said he doesn't do it for money or fame but is just fighting for the truth.

I’m not in this for money or for a title – I simply want to know who my parents are.


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Kensington Palace didn’t comment on Simon’s revelations. But who wouldn’t like to join the royal family?

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