"She Looks Younger Than You": Caitlyn Jenner Posts Photo Of Her 93-Year-Old Mom And The Older Woman Is Receiving Loads Of Compliments

Date August 1, 2019

Caitlyn Jenner was first introduced to the public as Bruce Jenner before she underwent gender reconstruction surgery to become a woman. In the last few years since the controversial gender change, she has garnered even more attention.

Of course, not everyone has been a fan of the reality star's life choices and this is evident in the reactions she often gets on her social media posts.

For instance, the 'I Am Cait' star recently shared a picture which she took with her 93-year-old mother Esther Jenner.

In the photo posted on July 31, Caitlyn and Esther sported matching smiles as they both sat side by side. The first thing one might notice about the picture was just how beautiful the elderly woman is.

Several internet users complimented Esther on how lovely she looked. @__caryn_ stated, "She looks amazing for 93!" and @theresamorris143 agreed, saying; "I want what she is drinking she is stunning."

@sb2020sb even went as far as saying comparing both women in the photo;

She looks younger than you Bruce.

Another user @amandacolleenn believes that Caitlyn mom looks about 30 years younger than her real age, saying, "Wow she looks in her 60’s."

It was mostly positive reviews for Esther Jenner who, according to ENews, has been more than supportive of her daughter's transition. However, she did reveal to Access Hollywood, shortly after Caitlyn was featured on Vanity Fair, that she sometimes finds herself calling her by her former name "Bruce."

It's going to be a struggle for me to get used to the change, but happily so…I'm very happy for him—or her!

Cait may still receive some criticisms from those who don't approve of her but it's quite clear that she continues to have the support of her proud mama.