'She Couldn't Care Less About It': Fans Constantly Shade Melania Trump For Tolerating Her Husband's Affairs

Date August 5, 2019 16:07

There's no doubt that Donald Trump is one of the most talked-about personalities right now. And it isn't just because of his work as the President of the United States.

'She Couldn't Care Less About It': Fans Constantly Shade Melania Trump For Tolerating Her Husband's AffairsGetty Images / Ideal Image

The cheating rumors

When it comes to the POTUS' marriage, people can't help but refer to the reports that the President has repeatedly cheated on his wife.

In facts, the reports pop up so often that many have accepted them as facts and social media users have shared their opinions as a result.

Melania's continuous criticisms

If the reports are true, then it brings up the question of why Melania chooses to stand by her husband's side despite his unfaithfulness.

Those who have analyzed the situation have come to the conclusion that the FLOTUS is simply in the marriage due to the financial benefits.

In other words, the recognition and other perks of being Donald Trump's wife must have made her choose to turn a blind eye to her husband's indiscretions.

Social media users aren't keeping their opinions to themselves as a few of them have posted comments regarding the matter. They believe that Melania has no business tolerating such a marital situation.

FLOTUS responds

The First Lady of the United States isn't oblivious of the rumors that her husband steps out on their marriage any chance he gets. She previously addressed them during an interview with Good Morning America which aired in 2018.

When asked if Trump's affairs have affected her marriage, Melania stated that she has no time for all the media speculations;

I'm a mother and a first lady, and I have much more important things to think about and to do.

At the end of the day, different people will have different opinions about Donald and Melania's marriage. But the only two people who know what's really going on are the POTUS and FLOTUS themselves.

All anyone else can do is speculate.