Heartbreaking News: British Composer Jonathan Goldstein, His Wife Hanna And Their 7-Month-Old Child Were Killed In A Fatal Plane Crash

Date August 28, 2019 10:55

Jonathan Goldstein is a household name in the world of music. He is an English composer whose works have been used in movies, advertisements, theatre, live events, and television.

His work encompassed a fusion of contemporary classical styles with orchestral, jazz and electro-acoustic influences.

His wife Hannah Marcinowicz is also a music prodigy who has been dubbed ‘a superb young saxophonist.’ She has performed with some of the leading orchestras in the UK. Hannah was a regular on 'BBC Proms.'

Hannah and Jonathan tied the knot in 2016.

Gone too soon

As reported by The Mirror, Goldstein, Hannah and their 7-Month-old baby were killed in a fatal plane crash on August 25.

The young family was flying from Switzerland to Italy in their light plane when it crashed in Simplon pass and burst into flames.

A hiker Christian Merz, who witnessed the crash, said that he saw two burning objects fall and heard two loud bangs.

Two people rushed towards the aircraft to offer help, but they couldn’t get close because of the flames.

How heartbreaking!


Many internet users have expressed their sympathy for Jonathan and Hannah’s loved ones.

@Rashiti Jane wrote:

“So sad, we had a day out in Valais when this came down, everybody here in Switzerland is shocked.”

@Gail Moran commented:

“Such a dreadful thing to happen. God bless them all.”

@Brenda Cantillano said:

“Awful news...Prayers for all.”

No one deserves to go this way. Our hearts are with their loved ones through this tough time. May their souls rest in peace.