Brigitte Macron's Youth Secret: 66-Year-Old First Lady Reportedly Underwent 3-Hour Plastic Surgery At Private Hospital

Date August 5, 2019 12:46

Brigitte Macron is the wife of Emmanuel Macron, the President of France.

At age 66, dubbed a style icon by many, the former high school teacher is also often admired for looking younger than her years. And it seems that one of her secrets is revealed!

France's first lady undergoes plastic surgery

The woman underwent a three-hour cosmetic surgery operation at a private hospital in Paris before heading off on summer holiday, according to reports. The hospital is popular with celebrities offering 'cutting-edge techniques' including ones devoted to 'facial rejuvenation procedures'. According to French Closer magazine:

'The operation went without a problem, and the retired teacher was able to leave the American Hospital the same evening,'

Other secrets of her young look

France’s first lady also knows how to shed years off her age through clever and chic head-to-toe styling tricks. Yet, it's not the only secret of her splendid look. The woman follows a strict diet and adores fitness.

Brigitte, the grandmother of seven, eats 10 kinds of fruits and vegetables every day, and a healthy dose of cheese when she fancies. According to Guillaume Gomez, head chef at the Elysée the Macrons are surprisingly traditional. Gomez said:

"Their only stipulations? Ten fruits and vegetables a day for Mme Macron, and "no junk food" for her husband (her request, not his). "

It's true that standing alongside her husband, it’s hard to tell Macron is 24 years his senior.

All in all, Brigitte's age-defying illusion is owed to carefully coordinating her outfits, eating fresh fruit and vegetables, doing sport and...undergoing plastic surgeries every now and again. Doesn't she look gorgeous?