65-Year-Old Supermodel Christie Brinkley Is Turning Back The Clock Wearing A White Swimsuit On A Luxury Yacht

Date August 6, 2019 18:03

Christie Brinkley’s age comes as a surprise to many folks out there — us included.

At 65 years young, Brinkley's glowing skin, flowing blonde locks, and seriously enviable figure keep her looking 20 years younger. The model's recent photos only prove that she really knows how to stop the aging clock.

Her Instagram profile is the place for inspiration and real beauty. Just look at those sparkling eyes and amazing smile.

Christie simply lighted up the Instagram with her gorgeous holiday swimsuit photo.

Well, probably now many want to know what are her beauty secrets. So here they go!

Christie Brinkley's beauty secrets

According to Christie Brinkley, the secret to looking and feeling younger can’t be bought at the supermarket or a department store – but you might want to try your local animal shelter! For Christie, it's her dogs!:

“My dogs and I feel best when we start out the day with a short run, and we especially love running on outdoor trails,”

Brinkley said.

Moreover, besides being a vegetarian since 13, the model leads an active lifestyle, eats healthy food, protects her skin from the sun and always keeps her mind positive.

She also believes that sticking to that same amount of sleep each night helps create a consistent routine:

“When I’m consistent with that period of time sleeping, I feel that. If I sleep six hours from like three in the morning to nine that’s no good for me. If I go to sleep at midnight and wake up at 5:30 or 6:00 that’s fine—I’m good.”

Yet, the most important thing is that despite Brinkley's busy schedule, she’s still able to find time to be thankful for all that she has — and that may just be one of her best tips to staying young.

“Take time every day to appreciate all that you have accomplished!”

- she said.

“Maintaining an ‘attitude of gratitude’ gives me a deep sense of positivity and keeps me feeling young at heart.”

Believe it or not, your inner beauty can make you feel and look younger. Take care of yourself and always remember to be thankful for everything in your life!