44-Year-Old Eva Longoria Appears On New '"Parents" Cover With Her Sweet 1-Year-Old Son

Date August 8, 2019 13:01

Eva Longoria gave birth to her son Santiago Enrique Bastón when she was 43 years old.

Eva Longoria about motherhood

In the interview with Parents Latina Longoria explained that her 40s was the perfect decade to become a parent, saying:

"He was meant to be with me at this stage in my life. I'm more patient, and I don't work as much—even though it doesn't seem that way!"

And when the star-mother is on set, Santi is often right by his mom’s side.

“Breastfeeding while working was hard, just for the timing of the pumping and the feedings and the sleeping and the not sleeping,”

admits the Grand Hotel producer.

Eva's biggest fear

Eva and her husband, José “Pepe” Baston welcomed baby Santi on June 19, 2018. Even though the first-time-mamá had stated she wouldn’t be going crazy with her baby, everything seems to be the opposite now. Longoria admitted that her biggest fear in life is losing her baby.

She even turned her son's birth announcement into a call to action against the “zero tolerance” immigration policy that separates children from undocumented parents who cross the Mexican border.

Longoria is from Texas, and her husband, media mogul José “Pepe” Bastón, is Mexican. With the birth of her baby the woman clearly understands what parents separated from their children really feel:

“In light of my son’s birth, I wanted to bring focus on the families that have been separated at the border. Having my son next to me, I cannot imagine him being taken from my arms. Families belong together, which is why we must do what we can to reunite them,”

All in all, it seems that the first-time mother is extremely happy with her new life. Despite all the fears that emerge in life, children are a true blessing!