"The Good Wife" Is Back! Julianna Margulies Returns To Small Screen In Intriguing New Show "Dietland"

Date June 7, 2018

Can you believe it's been over a year since we said goodbye to The Good Wife? It's been hard not seeing Julianna Margulies on our TV screens for so long.

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However, there are some things the 51-year-old actress misses about the show, and some she's happy to be taking time off from.

I miss what Alicia says. I don't miss the hours and the grind. It was a long grind. And I miss my crew and my cast, but it was an awesome year off.

But the rest is over for Margulies, as she's back in a new TV series Dietland

New is always better

Julianna's new project premiered on AMC on June 6th.

The comedy show focuses on an overweight ghost writer for a fashion magazine, who's trying to deal with society's stereotypes and her judgmental boss, portrayed by Margulies.


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Dietland presents Julianna as a TV version of Miranda Priestly from Devil Wears Prada, and it's certainly the type of character Margulies can successfully pull off.

But, The Good Wife star says the audience shouldn't judge her character so quickly, there's more to her than we may think at first.

Once I got to know her a little better, I think she truly believes she's a wonderful person, but she's such a narcissist she can't see anything wrong with how she acts, which is completely and utterly unempathetic and brutal.


Tune in to Dietland every Monday on AMC to see Julianna Margulies' new show by yourself! 

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