Jenny Jones Opened Up About Being Raised By Her Dad And Why It Made Her Have A Breast Enhancement Surgery


June 8, 2018 17:18 By Fabiosa

The Jenny Jones Show enjoyed high ratings and great popularity since 1991 up until its cancellation in 2003.

Unfortunately, the talk show led to a terrible incident, which ultimately destroyed its reputation. One of the guests, Scott Amedure, confessed to having crush on his associate, Jonathan Schmitz, during an episone in 1995. Several days after the taping, Schmitz murdered Amedure, which made national headlines and severely damaged The Jenny Jones Show.


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The host of the show, Jenny Jones, didn't give up on her career and became a women's health advocate. Jenny's philanthropic tendencies partially started due to her personal experieince with her body.

Struggling with self image

In early 1980s, Jenny Jones underwent a breast implant surgery after struggling with accepting her body for years.

She was raised by a tough father who had concrete understanding of what makes a woman feminine. He constantly shamed Jenny for not having a big enough cup size, which shattered her self-confidence.

My father would tell me to rub cold water on my chest in the shower to make my breasts grow. He insisted that I do certain exercises to make my breasts grow. 


Young Jenny would look at the female stars of her time, including full-bodied Jayne Mansfield, and wasn't feeling complete. Unfortunately, Jones' breast enhancement surgery ended badly, as her body rejected the implants over the years.

In the mid 1990s, Jenny finally realized that big breasts don't define a woman. In 1997, she wrote an autobiography titled "Jenny Jones: My Story," the proceedings of which went to women's breast cancer research.

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In addition, Jones established The Jenny Jones Foundation in 2008 in order to help those in need.


What is she up to today?

Aside from charity work, Jenny Jones created a YouTube channel, Jenny Can Cook, where she shares cooking recipes and makes tutorials.

Jenny Can Cook / YouTube

There are many different recipes on Jenny's channel, which anyone can enjoy.

Jenny Can Cook / YouTube

There's also a website, with even more delicious cooking ides from Jones.

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