Larry King Has Had 7 Wives In His Life. Is He A Womanizer Or Just Looking For The One?

Date June 6, 2018

Larry King is the titan of television journalism. His hit talk show, Larry King Live, made millions of viewers tune in every night for 25 years, and these days he continues his career with highly popular Larry King Now.


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Despite having succeeded in his professional life, King has had questionable luck when it comes to his personal affairs.

King's many marriages

The legendary talk show host has been married a whopping 8 times in his life.

Larry's first wife, Freda Miller, was his high-school sweetheart, but their union lasted less than a year. Allegedly, the couple's parents disapproved of their love and forced teenagers to annul the marriage in 1953.


It took King almost a decade, but he found a new love. He married Annette Kaye in 1961. She gave Larry his first son, Larry Jr., but it wasn't enough for long-lasting romance, and the two called it quits the same year.

King didn't waste any time and tied the knot with his third wife, Alene Atkins, in 1961. Notably, they separated in 1963, but got married again in 1968 for three more years, during which Alene gave birth to their daughter, Chaia.


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In between being with Atkins, Larry was briefly married to Mickey Sutphin from 1964 to 1967. Their union gave King his first daughter, Kelly.

In 1976, Larry decided to share his life with Sharon Lepore. For 7 years, they lived in happiness until going their separate ways in 1983.


Julie Alexander came into picture in 1989, but her marriage to Larry ended in 1992.

Finally, 6 wives later, TV legend met Shawn Southwick. The couple has been married for 21 years now. They have two sons, Chance and Cannon.


Larry's perspective on marriage

When asked about his obsession with getting married, King explained that he found it problematic to be with one woman for too long. According to him, being in a long-lasting marriage requires compromise, which he doesn't like.

Now that Larry is older, he feels comfortable with himself and his partner. However, he noted that he's only loved three women in his lifetime.

What do you think about Larry King's way of life?

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