Proudest Dad Around: Michael Strahan Can't Stop Praising His Kids And Puts His Family Above All

According to Strahan, having kids is a blessing for him, as they make his life much more easier and fun. His children help him relax and take a step back from his busy life.

Sometimes life gets serious for us as adults, but looking at my kids, it lets me know that you’re allowed to have fun – you’re allowed to have mindless fun.


From our family to yours, wishing you a very Happy 4th of July!

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My ladies having some TV time with Enzo! Probably watching #100KPyramid. Lol

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Michael's children vary in ages, which makes things exciting. He had his oldest kids – Tanita, 24, and Michael Jr., 21 – with ex-wife, Wanda Hutchins, and younger twins – Sophie and Isabella, 12 – with ex-wife, Jean Muggli.


From the jungle in S. Africa to the jungle of NYC we are on the move!

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The 46-year-old celebrity is obsessed with his kids and grabs every opportunity to talk about being their father, teaching them things, and learning from them.

I think that is the most valuable lesson that I’ve learned from them. They keep on teaching me every day, so I’m always willing to learn. 

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Famous television host's Instagram is filled with pictures of his kids. They bring him joy and pride, which he promptly shares with the world.


Proud papa's little equestrians!!!

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Strahan says he's still close with his dad, which is why he tries to be as involved as possible with his children – he understands the importance of staying connected with the family.

My kids give me strength. I love being with the kids. To me, it’s all about family, now more than anything.


My Valentines aren't babies anymore! Daddy's Girls!

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Hacked by the best #hidad

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So, it's official: Dad of the Year Award goes to Michael Strahan! 

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