Stunning Amanda Holden Mimics Victoria Beckham’s Famous Pose In A Hilarious Snap

Date June 15, 2018

Amanda Holden was getting ready for a glamorous night at the star-packed Classic BRIT Awards. The Britain's Got Talent judge celebrated the event by mimicking one of the most copied poses in the fashion world, the 'Victoria Beckham leg', before she headed off to London's Royal Albert Hall.



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The 47-year-old shared a photo on her personal Instagram account, as she posed with her leg up at a right angle to her body. Holden was also sporting a stunning lilac dress.

She captured the photo with:

Had to do a @victoriabeckham in this #gorgeous #gown

The Twitter world reacted to Holden’s impressive flexibility:

Amanda is not the first celebrity who decided to show off their gorgeous leg by copying Victoria’s trademark move. Kourtney Kardashian tried it in the past as well.

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She showed off her skills on Instagram last year while channeling the fashion designer. Kardashian wrote:

Victoria, I'll call u later I just got back from the football game.

Naming the former Spice Girls singer in her caption was a bold move, as many fans considered it a dig at Victoria. But David Beckham’s wife didn’t think so, as she responded with a photo where she pulled the same pose, saying:

Right back at you Kourtney Kardashian!

Victoria’s trademark pose was born in 2015, while the fashion designer was on a business trip to Singapore.

Since then, she and her celebrity colleagues have been recreating the famous pose. Even Taylor Swift’s cat can do it!

Can you do it? We have to admit, we certainly need some of Victoria’s flexibility.

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