Who Is The Wife Of Britain's Most Famous Comic, Michael McIntyre?

Date June 7, 2018

Michael McIntyre has joined the row of the funniest people in the world a long time ago. In 2012, he was named the highest-grossing comedian with £22.86 million he earned that year alone.


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In fact, the 42-year-old knows his success hugely dependent on his biggest supporter – wife Kitty. The couple lives in north London with their two sons, 10-year-old Oscar and 13-year-old Lucas. McIntyre married the daughter of the late actor Simon Ward and sister of the actress Sophie Ward in 2003, and they still are going strong.


McIntyre is not ashamed of using his wife in his stand-up routines, especially pointing out on some of her expensive indulgences. For example, the comedian shared on stage how Kitty, who works as an aromatherapist, decided to buy a dress for the British Comedy Awards. McIntyre exclaimed:

No one should spend that much money on something you can’t drive!

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Nonetheless, the truth is, Kitty has pretty much made her husband, and he is not running away from admitting it. In his autobiography Life And Laughing, the comedian talks about two main things concerning his wife. The first one is that McIntyre was in love with Kitty when he first laid eyes on her at 22 years old. Secondly, Kitty has been his biggest supporter from penniless student days to highly acclaimed stand-ups. He said:

 It’s her day job, basically, to believe in me.


Recently, it has been reported that McIntyre was robbed when he was parked by his children’s school.


Two men in masks with hummers smashed the windows of his car and tore Rolex from his wrist. Luckily, Michael is not injured, but he is very shaken.

We are sure he can turn to his beloved wife for support and consolations.

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